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Security Products in Detroit, MI

Purchase doors that contribute to the safety of your home or office. Detroit Security Doors & Windows in Detroit, Michigan, offers steel commercial frame doors, window guards-exit type, and porch railings—to name a few of our security products in Detroit, MI. Please take note that each product is sold separately.


Storm Security Doors

Installed in front of the primary door, storm security doors feature a glass and screen that helps keep flies out. We advise you to install two glasses for winter, and just one screen for summer. With two locks on it, these doors are difficult to break. What makes our doors more unique than before is the fact they are made with sturdy 16-gauge steel and welded hinges. We also offer aluminum storm, round and arch top doors.  Call to ask about our durable and heavy-duty doors in Detroit, MI.

Steel & Fiberglass Entrance Doors Detroit, MI

We also offer steel & fiberglass entrance doors. These doors come with attached frames. The skin is 24 gauge, the edge is 18 gauge, the glass is 3/4, and the door thickness is 7 and 1/8 thick. Round and arch top doors are available. 

Framed to Perfection

Each of our doors is constructed with a heavy-duty 16-gauge steel frame. All our doors have an adjustable double sweep and plush wool pile weather-stripping that will help prevent heating and cooling loss.

Awesome Features

Durable and heavy-duty doors are just what your home or office needs. Our doors accept most standard double cylinder deadbolts, keyed knobs, or lever sets. They also come with more modern features like:

Powder-Coated & Painted for a Lifetime of Low-Maintenance | Adjustable Speed for Smooth Closing Action | Tempered Safety Glass Windows with Vinyl Frame and Screen with Genuine Z-Bar Steel Frame with Felt to Keep Wind & Moisture out

Call Detroit Security Doors & Windows to learn more.


We offer doors with different sizes. However, our standard sizes are as follows:

Front: 36" x 80" or 34" x 80"
Side: 30" x 80" or 32" x 80"
Back: 30" x 80" or 32" x 80"
Standard: 80" in Height
Odd Sized: 84" in Height

Wholesale Prices

More information coming soon.